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An international and multicultural labour market

Almost half of Luxembourg’s population is made up of foreigners originating from more than 170 nationalities, and speaking no less than 80 languages. Like its population, Luxembourg’s labour market is highly international and multilingual. While the country has three officially recognised languages (Luxembourgish, French and German), English is widely spoken. Numerous multinational companies have decided to install their worldwide or European headquarters in Luxembourg alongside local well-known companies and research institutes.

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A thriving economy attracting talents from all over the world

Luxembourg’s powerful economy produces a continuous flow of diverse, secure and well paid job opportunities to give your career expectations attractive and multiple long-term perspectives. On top of being a vibrant financial centre and home to several European institutions, Luxembourg relies on highly skilled talents to fuel a data driven, circular and sustainable economy. Key business sectors also include Space Technologies, Life Sciences, Automotive, Clean Technologies, Fintech and Logistics, all highly connected to and dependent on ongoing best-in-class ICT developments. Add to this a flourishing start-up community, a booming construction industry as well as a highly developed service sector and you start to understand why Luxembourg is such an attractive location for companies and employees alike.

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Great place to live and work

The Luxembourg economy has been growing steadily, continuously outperforming the EU average with an employment increase of over 50% during the past 15 years. Luxembourg also enjoys one of the highest GDP per capita in the world and an unemployment rate below the European average. Consistently ranking among the safest places in the world, Luxembourg has a strong social cohesion, a firstrate healthcare system, attractive social benefits and a favourable tax regime for highly skilled profiles

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Residence and work permits

All EU citizens enjoy the right to work, study and reside in Luxembourg, subject to certain conditions. They don’t need a work permit but have to register upon arrival in Luxembourg. Third-country nationals require a temporary authorisation to stay and then a residence permit allowing them to work in Luxembourg. Special procedures are in place for third-country nationals benefitting from the highly-qualified worker status (EU Blue card). Check for more information about immigration on the Luxembourg administration portal:

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